The solution: FCA Risk Warnings Portal

Give your ‘Second Line of Defence’ an impartial, third party edge

The Pension Portal has created a suite of risk warning animations which bring to life and make real the considerations, identified by the FCA, which customers must be made aware of ahead of potentially irreversible decisions. These can be employed as part of your company’s process for compliantly fulfilling customer retirement transactions and can save time, money and reduce the risk of straying from guidance to advice. For example, ahead of annuity purchase risk warnings are delivered through powerful animations on health, guarantees, dependents, inflation and shopping around.

Analytics and technology

  • Your own master site provides detailed analytics of your customer’s individual activities on the site – meeting and satisfying TCF and compliance requirements.
  • Users can monitor their own progression with the ‘My Passport’ video tracking system and unlock badges upon reaching certain goals.
  • Using the latest advances in HTML5 technology The Pensions Portal is available to customers 24/7, 365 days a year across all major desktop and mobile devices.


The price of the service is based on a combination of development and usage fees. The development cost is based on the level of tailoring and the amount of unique content. The usage fee is based upon the amount of content your customer accesses.

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