Bringing Guidance Alive

Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Retirement


The Pension Portal marries video and animation content with an intelligent media platform and has been launched to help product providers communicate with the tens of thousands of customers impacted by Pension Freedoms. We have developed two unique services which we believe to be game changers in customer communication.

By using our services you can:

  • Offer your customers an impartial and dedicated guidance facility – defining and evidencing their journeys towards better decisions and retirement
  • Bring your ‘wake up’ process to life – even incentivise engagement with it
  • Give your ‘Second Life of Defence’ an impartial, 3rd party edge
  • Enjoy detailed analytics of your customer’s individual journeys through the portals
  • Provide evidence that you have satisfied regulatory obligations
  • Improve business retention and create sales opportunities

And give your customers:

  • A clear, visual, online wake up experience which really helps them really understand their retirement options
  • Access to engaging, impartial, Pensions Management Institute accredited and trusted content
  • Active, integrated and incentivising navigational assistance through our unique ‘My Passport’ and badge features
  • Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Retirement

The Pension Freedoms Portal and FCA Risk Warnings Portal offer pension product providers a radical new way to bring greater trust and engagement into their customers’ journeys towards better pension decumulation decisions. The Pensions Portal helps people VISUALISE their options, choices and risks in way that has not been seen before.

  • Scalable, low cost and built on a robust technology platform
  • Work on all devices – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Provides analytics of individual user journeys
  • Engineered to integrate with existing user platforms and featuring a comprehensive and secure ‘Single Sign On’ mechanism.
  • Allows customers to enjoy direct access to the portals through your existing online applications without the need for additional registration or complex login procedures.
  • Can be white labelled or in the 3rd party Pensions Portal brand
  • Can include tailored content and/or navigation
  • Flexible – can also be used by pension trustees to deliver guidance to their members and employers to their staff

Bespoke applications
Using our underlying platform, we are able to offer a tailored unique and scalable technology solution tailored to their specific audited client communication needs

Treating Customers Fairly – and proving it

The Pensions Portal was inspired by the drive to bring greater engagement and trust to the industry and improve customer outcomes in the light of:

  • Pension freedoms
  • The advice gap
  • The availability, mass accessibility and reliability of web based technology and the opportunities it opens up to:
    • engage customers more powerfully than paper based solutions
    • fulfil regulatory obligations through the analytics it can provide

We are passionate about the need for the industry to develop more engaging ways of helping customers make decisions and to achieve better outcomes. Our portals offer providers a radical new way of engaging with their customers and we aim to be a leading provider of trusted, impartial and accredited content.

We firmly believe:

Better Information = Better Decisions = Better Retirement

For all journalist inquiries contact:

Ian Beestin

07903 753120

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Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Retirement
Working Together to Achieve Better Outcomes for Your Customers


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The Pensions Portal’s four founding directors have an in depth knowledge of the financial services industry and over a century of experience working in the industry between them.

Andy Kirby

Managing Director

John Glover

Sales and Operations Director

Ian Beestin

Marketing Director

Mark Thewlis

Editorial and Content Director


Contact us for information on how the Pensions Portal can help you treat your customers fairly, help you meet your compliance obligations and achieve better customer outcomes.

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